Trip Difficulty: Easy
Season: 15 May – 30 August 2016
Place of departure: Fisherman Hotel Suðureyri
Duration: 1 1/2 hours
Age limit: No limit
Code: ?

Possible to get a transfer
for ISK 4.900

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Dare to go small and taste Iceland’s most important export. Suðureyri is a small and environmentally friendly village where everything is about fish. We offer you a chance to see how the locals are living at the edge of the arctic circle, and learn about how we process first class fish products in this thriving community. Get a fresh taste of the finest fish that Iceland has to offer, and see how Iceland’s most exported fish can be on your dinner plate at home just 36 hours after being caught from the ice cold Atlantic ocean.

After a guided tour and a taste of the local cuisine you are welcome to explore the village and meet the locals. Nature lovers will enjoy the breathtaking scenery. If you like food and travel, don’t miss Suðureyri.

This family friendly tour is approximately 2 hours of walking over flat surfaces. The tour meets every day at Fisherman Hotel Suðureyri.